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Are you visiting the Netherlands in Europe? Don't waste any time searching for the best birding sites. Experience FlevoBirdwatching on guided daytrips. We are specialized in arranging birdwatching trips to the Oostvaardersplassen next to Amsterdam. 
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  Our birding tours:
1 Oostvaardersplassen
2 Island of Texel
3 Dunes, grasslands
4 Veluwe, forest birds
5 Eemnes grasslands
6 Lauwersmeer
7 Island of Ameland
8 Friesland
9 Noord-Brabant
10 Rotterdam, Den Haag area
11 Zeeland
12 Ooijpolder
13 Zeeuws-vlaanderen, Zwin
14 Groene Jonker, Zouwe Boezem

Bluethroat, common visitor in April and May, click here for all our checklists Checklists of our recent tours:
20-06-2024 Oostvaardersplassen day 76 species: Icterine warbler
19-06-2024 Oostvaardersplassen evening 54 species: Sparrowhawk
04-09-2023 Oostvaardersplassen morning 71 species: Purple heron
02-09-2023 Texel day 86 species: Red-backed shrike
17-04-2023 Oostvaardersplassen day species: Kingfisher
16-04-2023 Oostvaardersplassen afternoon species: Jacksnipe
16-04-2023 Oostvaardersplassen morning species: Jacksnipe
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Experience this amazing nature reserve next to Amsterdam. A dayt tour or morning of birding in one of Europe's prime birding areas. Marsh- and wetlands Reserve Oostvaardersplassen.   40 half day tour   55 day tour per person  (based on 2 persons) Texel is a birding hotspot. A good spot to see waders and shorebirds. It is a famous resting place during migration.              62,50 half day tour,   95 day tour,  per person (based on 2 persons)
Explore the Lauwersmeer and the coast area in the north of the Netherlands and discover a large variaty of waterbirds, waders, ducks, shorebirds,and large flocks of Geese.   60 per person (based on 2 persons) See the forest and heath birds of western Europe. The area we will go birding will be national nature reserve "The Veluwe"   75 per person (based on 2 persons)
Explore the typical dutch landscape of sanddunes and grasslands.    37,50 half day,   50 day tour,  per person (based on 2 persons) Explore the dunes and the pier of IJmuiden to search for sea- and shorebirds.   37,50 per person (based on 2 persons)
Escape crowded Amsterdam. We take you out of the city for some nice birding. In only a 15 minutes ride from Amsterdam you are in typical dutch landscape.  35 per person (based on 2 persons)
Join us to search for Europe's most secretive bird; the Nightjar.    45 per person (based on 2 persons) We know that seen through the eyes of a British birder there are some birds that are much more easier to see in the Netherlands than in Britain. And we know were to find them.
Birding day tour in the northern province: Friesland birding on the small island of Ameland, Thousands of waders at your feet
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Around the city of Madrid it is possible to see some of the most threatened birds of Europe. You will have very good possibities to see Imperial Eagle, Great Bustard, Black Wheatear, Rock Bunting and Stone Curlew In the North-West direction outside Berlin you can find  the only breeding population of the Great Bustard in Germany. When you want to observe the Great Bustard you will have to visit Berlin in april or may.
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