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FlevoBirdwatching was started by two birding friends, Taco and Rik. They are not active any more as a guide. Others are now guiding.

FlevoBirdwatching is a small registered company that does not conduct trips around set dates with large groups of people. Rather, we arrange tours that cater to exactly what our clients want to see or do - with a much more personal touch. Our tours range from half-day trips to extended tours - you tell us what you wish to see and we will customise an itinerary to suit. If you are unsure of what you are after, or if you would prefer us to do the thinking, that's fine - we can present you with a range of options for you to consider. By using our services you will get highly qualified and experienced local guides with good English speaking skills and a perfect knowledge of the area.


Taco and Rik are only guiding 1 or 2 times each year at the moment. We will arrange a birding tour with one of the following freelance dutch birding guides: Robert, Pim, Els, Tom  Lieuwe, Ruurd and Klaas are freelance birding guides

Robert is a biology teacher by training. Married, with two boys. Currently living in Zwaanshoek. He has lived in Kenya and Ethiopia for about ten years. In 2008/9 he drove back by truck from Nairobi to the Netherlands via some prime birding sites in North Africa and the Middle East. Some 35 years of birdwatching in Western Europe and East Africa,  Top of the wishlist: Penduline tit in Europe, Shoebill in Africa.  

Lieuwe, birding guideLieuwe is an experienced birder and birdguide. He is an expert of the northern part of the Netherlands. He knows the Lauwersmeer area very well and he will tell you about this amazing area and the birds that are living here during our guided Lauwersmeer daytours.



Ruurd leads excursions on Ameland, Friesland and the Lauwersmeer. After years of monitoring and protection work of godwit, barn owls and Corncrake he studied coastal and marine management. He graduated with an investigation of the distribution of wading birds at low tide. As tour leader he tries through his ecological knowledge and birding experience to give clients a informative day.


Els leads birding trips around the cities of Den Haag (the Hague) and Rotterdam. She is a very experienced tour leader for year and loves to show people the birds of Rotterdam and Den Haag.



Tom is an experienced birdwatcher and our newest tour guide. He’s got a doctor’s degree in entomology and has a broad knowledge of the Dutch flora and fauna. He is currently living Amersfoort and has a thorough knowledge of birding area’s in the central provinces of the Netherlands and the Dutch wadden isle of Schiermonnikoog, Switzerland and California.



pim vogelgids flevobirdwatchingPim is living next to the Nature reserve the Oostvaardersplassen in the city of Almere. A great birder and friendly guide.





Klaas, FlevoBirdwatchingKlaas is living on bird Island Texel. He is a very experienced guide with great knowledge about the birds of Texel. He will be your guide on most of the half day Texel trips.



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