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About us,

FlevoBirdwatching was started by two birding friends, Taco and Rik. They are not active any more as a guide. Others are now guiding.

Taco and Rik are only guiding 1 or 2 times each year at the moment. We will send you guiding requests to available birding guides. You will doing business an make appointments directly with the birding guide.

Lieuwe, birding guideLieuwe is an experienced birder and birdguide. He is an expert of the northern part of the Netherlands. He knows the Lauwersmeer area very well and he will tell you about this amazing area and the birds that are living here during our guided Lauwersmeer daytours.



pim vogelgids flevobirdwatchingPim is living next to the Nature reserve the Oostvaardersplassen in the city of Almere. A great birder and friendly guide.



Klaas, FlevoBirdwatchingKlaas is living on bird Island Texel. He is a very experienced guide with great knowledge about the birds of Texel. He will be your guide on most of the half day Texel trips.



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