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Birdwatching Tours around Barcelona.

In coorparation with Catalan Bird tours we offer exclusive or shared day-tours and at any time of year in Barcelona.

Whether you're on a business trip in Barcelona, holidaying in the area or living in Catalonia we offer half, full or multiple day birding trips to suit your needs, even combining two locations in one day.

It's this terrific range of habitats, along with its geographical position on a major migration route, that gives Catalonia a greater variety of birdlife than anywhere on the peninsular, including Andalucia, with 95% of Iberia's and 50% of the whole Palearctic region's recorded bird species. It also has the highest number of breeding species in Iberia and over 40% of its birds are of conservational concern.

Please note that you will receive more than 3 hours of mp3 birdsounds of the European birds fore free when you book a guided birding trip with Catalan Bird Tours  through FlevoBirdwatching.


Guided birding tours and Rates:
Barcelona Daytour, Llobregat and Garraf,
Guided birding to the Llobregat Delta and Garraf mountain area see waterbirds and mountain birds in one day:  See White-winged Tern, Glossy Ibis, Common Crane, Moustached Warbler, Collared Pratincole & Penduline Tit, Wallcreeper, Bonneli's Eagle, Rock Trush, Eagle Owl.
More information or book Barcelona Daytour..
Birding Pyrenees
Fresh air, great views, mountain walking and birds. The daytrip to th Pyrenees would not disappoint you. Lammergeir, Snowfinch, Citril Finch, Alpine Chough, Red-billed Chough, Wallcreeper and more.
More information or book a birding tour to the Pyrenees..
Birding Ebro Delta
The Ebro Delta, is one of the best bird watching sites in Europe - easily on a par with the Coto Doñana and the Camargue. Glossy Ibis, Audouin's Gull, Lesser Crested Tern, Little Crake, Black-necked Grebe and more.

More information or book a birding tour to the Ebro Delta...
Birding Aiguamolls de L'Emporda
The 4783 hectares of the park are like a mini Catalonia, offering a cross-section of typical habitats that attract a  range of birds that are representative of the region and a remarkable number of migrants.
More information or book a birding tour to LÉmporda...
Birding Cap de Creus
The park also provides a refuge for Bonelli's Eagle, Spectacled Orphean Warbler and others. And as for the Cap de Creus itself , there's almost guaranteed sightings of shearwaters, Shag, Gannet, auks and others. This is the best land-based spot for close-on pelagic birds in Europe.
More information or book a birding tour to cap de Creus..
Birding Steppes Lleida plus Los Monegros
If you have limited time for a birding trip whilst in N.E. Spain then the drylands of Lleida, which host the last of Catalonia's share of the bustards, sandgrouse and other steppe birds for which Spain is so famous.

More information or book a birding tour to the Steppes...
Combinations between destinations are possible, for example Qiguamolls and Cap de Creus or Pyrenees and Llobregat.  Just send us your preferences and wishlist.
Please enquire your rates personally. Rates are depending upon birding destination and pick-up location.  "€38 to €110 (euros) per person for guiding/driving, plus and transport expenses depending upon location and VAT.
Your Guide:
Your guide Stephen:
I love showing people the incredible range of habitats and breath-taking landscapes here in Catalonia as well as discussing the behaviour and natural history of its birds. Last year alone I was visited by over a dozen nationalities and saw well over 260 bird species. Transport: a 4x4 vehicle to get into the back-tracks and deeper into the birding country than any minibus tour can go.

Information about possible meeting points:
Usually, transport from/ to Hotel is included unless clients already  hired a car, or in case there are more than 4 clients. Also there is the possibility to take on/ drop off on Barcelona International Airport.

"A wonderful trip. Your precise knowledge about locations for specific birds was remarkable." K.B., India

"The trip was as great as I hoped it would be. I'm off to Chile in December and if its half as good as my time in Spain, it will be a huge success." Chris Saunders, Canada

"Stephen really knows his birds and the terrain, and the trip is rich on info from his experience. He is an amazing guide and will make you find amazing birds." Alex Vargas, Costa Rica/Thailand

 "We had a superb week. I would recommend anyone to contact Steve for a week or few days birding. His expertise and willingness to tailor the trip to individual needs will give a great experience." Jan Scheeres, Wales

 "From the first few minutes at Llobregat I knew it would be a great trip. I've got so many fantastic memories of amazing birds and I've really benefited from the time I've spent with you... your enthusiasm and breadth of experience are obvious. Amazing!" Declan Savage, Ireland

"I would recommend your birding tours without hesitation." Andy Strouthous, UK  

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