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FlevoBirdwatching is a small registered company that does not conduct trips around set dates with large groups of people. Rather, we arrange tours that cater to exactly what our clients want to see or do - with a much more personal touch. Our tours range from half-day trips to extended tours - you tell us what you wish to see and we will customise an itinerary to suit. If you are unsure of what you are after, or if you would prefer us to do the thinking, that's fine - we can present you with a range of options for you to consider. By using our services you will get highly qualified and experienced local guides with good English speaking skills and a perfect knowledge of the area. 
During all our tours you can use at least one spottingscope, we can also provide binoculars during the day.
At the beginning of each birding tour we supply you with a checklist of the area. Shortly after each birding tour we will send you an email with a list of the birds we have seen during your birding tour with us.
Bluethroat, picture: Richard Diepstraten(c)
We offer you tours not only to the Oostvaardersplassen but also to Bird Island Texel, IJmuiden area and national nature reserve the Veluwe. Target birding is also possible.

To give you an idea of our birding tours, click here for photos.

For first time visitors to europe it is possible to add more than 50 new birds to you lifelist.
For birders from the United Kingdom it is possible to see the difficult U.K. species like: Marsh Warbler, Bluethroat, Northern Goshawk, Savi's Warbler, Smew,  Short-toed treecreeper, Great Reedwarbler, Black Woodpecker, Lesser Whitethroat and Red-crested Pochard. Are you coming from the southern part of the U.K. and want to see White-Tailed Eagles? Amsterdam is closer to home than Scotland. Click here for more info for visitors from the United Kingdom.
Coming from the southern part of Europe. We can show you interesting species that are very rare in the southern part of Europe, like: Goosander, Smew, Rough-Legged Buzzard, Barnacle Geese,

Private tours: All our birding tours are private tours. The day schedule can be customized to your wishes. Occasionally it is possible that more parties have booked a tour at the same date. In that case we try to combine these birding tours and give you a discount, but only if both parties agree. 
Click here for scheduled birding tours and more information about sharing a tour.

Important: read about liability and insurance.
Important: FlevoBirdwatching is a registered company, read more..

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