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Birdwatching tour Lauwersmeer,

Lauwersmeer is a man-made lake in the north of the Netherlands, on the border of the provinces of Groningen and Friesland. The lake was formed on 1969, when the dike between the bay called "Lauwers Sea" and the Wadden Sea was closed. Ssince then it has been called Lauwersmeer. New flora and fauna appeared as the Lauwerszee gradually became a freshwater lake, and to protect this new and young nature area, it was decided (12 November 2003) to designate the Lauwersmeer as a national park.

The Lauwersmeer is now one of 
the famoust birding areas in Western Europe. The area is famous for the huge numbers of birds. The combination of the Wadden Sea in the north and the fresh water of the Lauwersmeer will produce a very nice day list.

Some specialities in Spring, you will find: Bluethroat, Sedge Warbler, Savi's Warbler, Black Tern, Little Gull,  Dunlin, Wood Sandpiper, Marsh Warbler, Greenshank, Golden Plover, Little Stint, Common Sandpiper, Bearded Tit, Bar-Tailed Godwitt, Black-Tailed Godwitt, Whimbrel,  Curlew,  Grey Plover, Red-Necked Phalarope,  Spotted Redshank, Curlew Sandpiper, Grasshopper Warbler, Temminck's Stint, Peregrine, White-winged Tern, Gargany, Eurasian Spoonbill, Pied Avocet, Common Ringed Plover, Ruff, Common Tern, Common Kingfisher, Eurasian Wigeon, Ruddy Turnstone, Common Redshank

The area around the Lauwersmeer is also a stronghold in the north western area of Europe of the Montagu's Harrier.

During the winter months the Lauwersmeer is famous for the huge numbers of geese. You will see thousands of Barnacle Geese, White Fronted Geese, Greylag Geese and also good numbers of Bean Geese, Brant, Tundra Swan and Whooper Swan. 

Important note for photographers: The birds can be seen at fairly close distance.

Other specialities in the winter are: Hooded Crow, White Tailed Eagle, Snow Bunting, Goosander, Hen Harrier, Goldeneye, Smew, Bearded Tit, Golden Plover, Redwing, Fieldfare, Redbreasted Merganser.

Practical information
Duration:  around 8 hours, depends on season,weather and sightnings, and personal wishes.

Depart and return time: usually around 8:00 until 15:00, but variable(personal wishes, season, sightnings and weather)

Where we meet: When travelling with your own (rental) car, we will meet at a convienient place next to the Lauwersmeer.  When coming with public transport we will meet at a train station close to the Lauwersmeer.

half day:
1-4 persons: 150 euro
5 persons and more: ask for our rates

full day:
1-4 persons: 250 euro
5 persons and more: ask for our rates 

The full day Lauwersmeer excursions are operated by  White Tailed Tours or Meino.

What is included: coffee, tea, drinks, snacks, a handy checklist of the birds of the area, the use of a high end spottingscope, transport during the daytour, transfers from a train station close to Groningen.

Book this day tour now !

Private tours: All our birding tours are private tours. The day schedule can be customized to your wishes. Occasionally it is possible that more parties have booked a tour at the same date. In that case we try to combine these birding tours and give you a discount.

Are you planning to stay longer in the area, you can stay in the accommodations on this page. To enjoy your stay in the area of the Lauwersmeer we highly recommend to take a boat ride over the Lauwersmeer. More info at:

For our Lauwersmeer day tours, we advice to stay in the area, because travel times from the western part of the Netherlands are more than 2 hours. We highly recommend the following accommodation:

Chalet Lauwersoog
 If you like tranquility, space and nature, combined with sporting and leisure activities, then you are at the right place in our chalet in this unique area. We wish you a warm welcome to Westgat 7 for a relaxing holiday! The mobile home at Westgat 7 is placed on one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots on the Recreation Park Lauwersoog with front and side views over the Lauwersmeer and a beach right in front. You have a wide view over the water where you can observe many birds. Around the chalet you have the company of rabbits and small birds like wagtails, goldfinches and many other species. Across the lake you can regularly spot Konik horses and Highland cattle.

Groot Wobma State
Right next to the Bed & Breakfast of Eekje is this monumental farm. The farm is build in 1799 and a monument.  Up to 4 people are able to sleep here.

Skanserwei 4
9133 DV Anjum
Tel. 31-(0)519-518861


Hostellerie de BroeksterMaar
Hostellerie de BroeksterMaar is beautiful old farmhouse close to the village of Pieterburen. Only a 15 minutes drive from the Lauwersmeer. Bed & Breakfast is also possible.

Broeksterkleiweg 3
9968 TG Pieterburen
Tel. 31-(0)595-481632

Farmhouse De Rintjeshoek
Almost in the nature reserve you will find this farmhouse. 2-14 people can sleep in this unique accommodation.

Wester Nieuwkruisland 15
9293 LW Kollumerpomp
Tel. 31-(0)6-50594949

Waterpaviljoen Eden
Close to the village of Noordbergum. Only 30 minutes drive from the Lauwersmeer. If you want luxury, than this is your choice. With internet and sauna.


Stay overnight in Pieterburen
Do you want to spend several days to explore the area? We offer you pleasant, comfortable vacation homes: take a look under 'Vacation homes'. The Kiekendief is equipped for 13 persons and is very suitable for a family reunion or excursions with colleagues or friends. The Karekiet is equipped for 6 persons and the Kluut for 4 persons.

Hoofdstraat 102
9968 AH Pieterburen, Tel: +31 (0)6 25238304 / +31 (0)6 20486474

Bed & Breakfast Woldstee
Bed & Breakfast Woldstee is situated right next to the city of Groningen, giving you the best of two worlds: the city and nature.

Wolddijk 103 A
9738 AD Groningen
Tel. 31-(0)50-5797330
Email: info(at)

De koningin van Pieterburen Bed & Breakfast
From the Bed & Breakfast de Koningin van Pieterburen it is only a 15 minutes drive to the Lauwersmeer.

Hoofdstraat 63
Tel.: 31-(0)59-5528491 en 31-(0)623161597

Holidayhouse Oostmahorn
Right next to the nature reserve Lauwersmeer you will find this nice house. Up to 6 people can stay here, and it is suitable for children.

Vakantiepark de Schans, Huis 178

Campsite Lauwersoog
Right in the middle of the National Reserve Lauwersmeer you will find campsite Lauwersoog. You can camp here or hire a wooden cabin with view of the Lauwersmeer itself ! Perfect for birders.

Strandweg 5,
9976 VS Lauwersoog
Tel.: 31-(0)519-349133

Bed & Breakfast de Marne
In Ulrum, only minutes away from the Lauwersmeer. Free bikes, internet and coffee. A very nostalgic dutch farmhouse.

Ingenieur A J van de Brielweg 1
9971 TA Ulrum
Tel. 31-(06)-53163440

Beleef Pieterburen
Hiking, watching seals, cycling. There are many things to discover in Pieterburen and area. You need more than one day !


The middle of Nowhere


In Westergeest, nice cottages in agricultural area.

9295 LC Westergeest
Tel. 31-(0)519-5188962
Tel. 31-(0)6 -50411843


source Lauwersmeer wikipedia

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