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Birding in the Netherlands for United Kingdom visitors,

We would be happy to guide visitors from the United Kingdom. We know that seen through the eyes of a British birder there are some birds that are much more easier to see in the Netherlands than in Britain. And we know were to find them.
Red Crested PochardPurple Heron

On a guided birding trip we will search for species like:
White-Tailed Eagle
Red Crested Pochard
Lesser Whitethroat
Black Tern
Black Woodpecker
White Stork
Great White Egret
Eurasian Spoonbill
Spotted Redshank
Bearded Tit
Great Reed Warbler
Marsh Warbler
Savi's Warbler
Crested Tit
Short-Toed Treecreeper
Purple Heron
Eurasian SpoonbillMarsh WarblerShort Toed Treecreeper
We will be planning a route to see most the birds of your wish list. You can decide if you want one, two or three guided birding days. We will visit different habitats like marsh- & wetlands and woods. But this all depends on your wishes, the birding trip will be customized for you.

We can also arrange accommodation in our hometowns of Haarlem or Huizen. If you are travelling with a non-birding partner(s) than Amsterdam is a more obvious choice. While your non-birding travelling partners enjoy the attractions of Amsterdam, we take you out for a nice birding experience.  We would be happy to help you with a nice birding holiday in the Netherlands.

Black Woodpecker, we help you find this great bird !

There are several cheap flights to Amsterdam from the United Kingdom:

Click here for London area - Amsterdam
Click here for Scotland area- Amsterdam
Click here for Southwest and Wales area - Amsterdam
Click here for South and  South East area - Amsterdam
Click here for Midlands area - Amsterdam
Click here for East Anglia area - Amsterdam
Click here for North East area - Amsterdam
Click here for Yorkshire area - Amsterdam
Click here for North West area - Amsterdam
Click here for Northern Ireland - Amsterdam
Click here for Irish Republic - Amsterdam

Please contact us to plan a guided birding tour to the Netherlands.

Important: read about liability and insurance.

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